November 30th | Oggi Gallery - Chicago, IL | 7pm


Remembrance Day for Lost Species

Three species are lost to eternity every hour. In 2014, WWF-UK reported in its Living Planet report that Earth has lost half its wildlife in the last 40 years. Now is the time to create new rituals for remembering and mourning  those we have lost, and for celebrating and making commitments to those remaining.


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Friends of the Chicago River

The money we raise this year is going to Friends of the Chicago River, a marvelous organization that works to restore wildlife habitats along our river. Since 1979, Friends has been working to improve the health of the Chicago River system for the benefit of people, plants and animals; and by doing so, has laid the foundation for the river to be a beautiful, continuous, and easily accessible corridor of open space in the Chicago region.


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Eddie "King" Roeser

Eddie is one half of Urge Overkill.

Urge Overkill's Eddie "King" Roeser, and Nash Kato provide a two singer-songwriter/two guitar attack - two Minnesota native sons who met at Northwestern University, in Evanston, IL, and based themselves in Chicago. Urge Overkill formed in 1984. Steve Albini, a fellow Northwestern student, recorded their debut EP, Strange, I...on his own label, Ruthless Records.

Eddie will be singing about the Sea Cow

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Ami Saraiya

There’s drama when Ami Saraiya and her band, The Outcome, take the stage. It’s a dark atmosphere, but it swings baby—a worldly staging of folk punk and jazz cabaret. And amongst the accordion, the violin and the guitars, it’s Ami’s sultry voice that recalls Piaf and Holiday which takes the spotlight. Then, there are the song-stories—often saturnine, often employing magical realism.

Ami will be singing about the Pinta Island Tortoise

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Screen Shot 2018-11-28 at 1.36.21 PM.png
Jeremy David Miller

Jeremy David Miller writes with wit and sings with ease.  Playing in and around Chicago since 2006, Miller has produced 2 full band albums, 1 solo record and 1 duo album with singing partner and wife Bekah Miller.

Jeremy will be singing about the Sea Otter

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Rebecca Jasso

Rebecca Jasso is a singer/songwriter who playfully writes around the themes of love, loneliness, and fantasy, skillfully weaving her melodies into the harmonic fabric of her fingerstyle guitar playing.  A visual artist, Rebecca conjures images with her lyrics to insert you into pictures from her own imagination. From soft, autumnal landscapes, to dark, Narnian scenes, each song is a journey into a new story.

Rebecca will be singing about the Sea Mink

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Robin Bienemann

Robin Bienemann’s performances are a wild mix of dry humor, startling lyrics and sophisticated music with a deep sense of history. His wickedly funny and poignant original songs mix contemporary themes with the earliest forms of Jazz, Blues and Country guitar from Charley Patton to Les Paul. At his musical core is a deep reverence for the guitar as an instrument, not just to accompany songs, but as a vessel to express the American psyche in all of its strange beauty and complexity. 

Robin will be singing about the Dodo Bird

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Alisa Rosenthal

Alisa Rosenthal is a teaching artist, songwriter, performer, occasional model, and full-time funny girl. Described by the Chicago Tribune as "...daffy and sweetly outlandish...", Alisa produces and performs her unique brand of musical and physical comedy in festivals nationwide. Her alter egos include vaudevillian Plucky Rosenthal, and Harry Scaray, MC for the Chicago League of Lady Arm Wrestlers.

Alisa will be singing about the Golden Toad

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Doctor Duenow

Zach Duenow has been publishing and performing music since the mid-90's.  His early work included solo acoustic songwriting, and performing as the dizzying punk-rap duo DUENOW.  He toured the country in support of the duo's record The Draft LP, and was signed to United For Opportunity Records sharing a labelmark with Bootsy Collins, Bill Hicks, and Ani DiFranco.  Recently he's explored music and poetry for children under the pseudonym Doctor Duenow; he intends to publish an illustrated book of poetry, an album, and youtube channel in years to come.

Zach will be singing about the Black Footed Ferret

Sarah Eide

Bursting out of any genre’s box, Sarah Eide's music deftly weaves influences of roots, folk, jazz and pop, creating a singular sound that is uniquely her own. Songs that are thoughtful, quirky, and honest, are matched with a signature musical style that is equal parts complex and catchy.  With skillful piano playing and a powerful voice, these songs are what pulls her audience in and keeps them coming back.

Sarah will be singing about the Baiji

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